How Do You Play "Diamond Dash"?

How Do You Play "Diamond Dash"?

To play Diamond Dash, simply click on collections of three or more gems of the same color. This removes them from the playing field and earn points.

  1. Identify groups of removable gems

    The basic game mechanic of Diamond Dash is similar to many other popular puzzle games. Find groups of gems of the same color connected to each other horizontally or vertically and click to remove them from the play area. This causes new gems to fall in from above.

  2. Remove larger groups for higher scores

    Making groups of gems vanish earns the player points. The larger the group that is removed, the more points are scored. Plan ahead to try to assemble massive groups of same-color gems for large bonuses.

  3. Make matches quickly to earn power-ups

    If you make matches quickly and consistently to remove gems from the board, the bar at the top of the screen is filled. When the bar is full, it releases a power-up that allows you to remove many gems at once for massive points. The game provides audio cues for monitoring the pace, so use them to keep on track.

  4. Get hearts from friends

    Since Diamond Dash is a Facebook game, it interacts with your friends list. You can give and receive hearts, which give you more play time. Network with your friends to make the most of these gifts and maximize your overall score.