How Do You Play the "Deadliest Catch" Game?


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Play the "Deadliest Catch" video game by choosing from the available list of crab fishing boats or customizing your own, then selecting a crew and setting out to search for king crab and opilio crab in the Bering Sea. The game involves resource management and strategy.

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As of 2015, the game "Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm" is available for the Xbox 360 home entertainment console and Windows computers. In both versions, the game places you in the role of the captain of a crab fishing boat setting out to capture crabs on the Alaskan coastline. The game draws heavily from the Discovery Channel show of the same name, featuring five actual boats from the program in addition to a tool that allows you to create your own boat. This tool gives you control over its appearance as well as its engine specifications and special features for collecting and handling crabs.

After choosing your boat, you must select your crew for the expedition from 20 different potential crew members, all of whom are actual crab fishermen. The overall gameplay consists of sailing through turbulent waters in search of pockets of crabs, with an emphasis on selecting the crew with the best abilities for the mission. You must also perform actions to obtain the crab while managing the health and morale of your crew.

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