How Do You Play Daniel Tiger Games on the PBS Kids Website?

How Do You Play Daniel Tiger Games on the PBS Kids Website?

Kids can play Daniel Tiger games on the PBS Kids website by visiting the site and choosing the game they want to play. Games include Tea Party, Make Believe and Doctor Daniel.

Visit the PBS Kids Website and choose the Games button.

  1. Choose Daniel Tiger
  2. After choosing Games several options appear. Choose the picture of Daniel Tiger to continue.

  3. Choose Games
  4. When the Daniel Tiger page pops up, choose Games at the top of the page. From there, choose one of the games that appear on the screen or click the arrow on the right hand side of the screen to see more.

  5. Click Play
  6. After clicking on a game, click the Play button to begin. Under each game, there is a message for parents, outlining the benefits of each game to a child's development.

PBS provides different games that help children develop and learn. Tea Party is a game that develops social skills and thinking of others. Make Believe helps kids learn real-life skills and teaches them that it is okay to pretend and use their imaginations. Doctor Daniel shows children that doctor visits do not have to be scary by allowing them to be in charge.

Other Daniel Tiger games include Bathtime Helper, Drive Trolley Sandcastle, Feel the Music and In My Bathroom.