How Do You Play "Dance Mat Typing"?


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To play "Dance Mat Typing" by BBC Bitesize, click on the level you wish to play and complete the given tasks by typing the correct letters within a specific set of keys. Let the animal characters guide you if you are unable to strike the right key.

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Navigate to the "Dance Mat Typing" home screen on the BBC website, and progress through the three stages of each of the four levels, being careful not to skip levels to maximize your touch-typing learning. Once you finish a level, test your typing speed to receive a reward at the end. Each stage introduces new letters, with Level 1 Stage 1 introducing the home row. Follow the on-screen prompts to stroke the appropriate letter, using proper hand placement and avoiding looking at your hands as you type.

While playing the game, always use the correct fingers for each key, and keep wrists resting on the desk. Sit with feet on the ground and back straight, and cover up the keyboard with a cardboard box if you have trouble keeping your eyes off your hands. Ensure a Flash player is installed before playing the game. Use headphones to hear the songs on each level, if desired.

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