How Do You Play Cut the Rope for Android?


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Players control the Android version of “Cut the Rope” with their fingers. The goal of this physics-based puzzle game is to cut ropes in a way that makes the candy fall into a monster's mouth. The game is available for download on the Google Play store.

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While the overall goal is to get the candy into the monster's mouth, each stage also has three stars that the player can collect. To collect the stars, the candy has to come into contact with them. Sometimes this forces players to solve the puzzle on each stage in a different fashion than usual.

Although the overall goal of “Cut the Rope” never changes, the game adds different mechanics to keep things fresh. This includes buttons that allow the player to toggle on and off gravity, magic hats that teleport the candy and electricity. There are also different enemies on certain stages, such as spiders, that change the way players solve puzzles.

The game features a total of 425 levels that take place in 17 different boxes, as of November 2015. The game is rated E, which means that it's suitable for everyone. Since the game's release in April 2015, it has won a number of awards including the Best App Ever Award and the Pocket Gamer Award.

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