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Play "Cut the Rope" by using a series of ropes, balloons, air bellows and other tools to drop or propel a piece of candy into the protagonist Om Nom's mouth. Each level features new mechanics that either make the game more difficult or aid the player in delivering candy.

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Because "Cut the Rope" is a physics game, the player needs to consider how cutting the rope, attaching the balloon or using the bellows affects the candy's position, both in relation to Om Nom and in relation to other obstacles and tools.

Levels are split into "Boxes," each of which has its own themed mechanics. For instance, in the "Valentine's Day Box," the player must bring two candies into contact with each other before feeding them both to Om Nom simultaneously. In the "Toy Box," the player discovers trampoline platforms that he can use to bounce the candy from one location to another. The "Cheese Box" introduces a friendly mouse who carries the candy for the player, making it possible to reach Om Nom even if there is no balloon or bellows present.

As of 2015, there are five "Cut the Rope" games: "Cut the Rope," "Experiments," "Time Travel," "Cut the Rope 2," and "My Om Nom."

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