How Do You Play "Crush the Castle 2" Online?


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"Crush the Castle 2" is available for free on websites that host Flash games, such as Armor Games, Kongregate, Addicting Games and Newgrounds. It is available for play on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices as of 2015. The goal of "Crush the Castle" and "Crush the Castle 2" is to kill all the inhabitants of several castles by using a trebuchet to fling large rocks, bombs and other objects.

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"Crush the Castle" and its sequel were developed by Armor Games. The "flinging" game mechanic was influenced the popular mobile game "Angry Birds." The inhabitants of the castles are protected from harm by walls and structures of varying strength. Players must determine the best types of projectiles and placements of their shots to destroy or collapse the castles.

"Crush the Castle 2" expanded on the original game by adding several items to fire from the trebuchet, including Greek fire, ice grenades, jars full of electric eels and a purple flask that creates a small black hole. The sequel also features new maps and power-ups not present in the original game. The game also allows players to design their own levels with castles and inhabitants and submit them to the online community.

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