How Do You Play "Crazy Taxi"?


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"Crazy Taxi" tasks players with making as much money as possible by taking fares to their destinations before a timer runs out. The controls vary somewhat between the different versions of the game, but in all versions, players simply accelerate, brake and perform a "Crazy Dash" speed boost.

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How Do You Play "Crazy Taxi"?
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In the original arcade version of "Crazy Taxi", players have a timer and must extend it by picking up passengers and getting them to their destinations as quickly as possible. When the timer runs out, the game ends. In the home and mobile versions, players can opt to have a preset fixed period of time that does not increase with successful drop-offs.

The gameplay effectively resembles that of a "score attack" game, with no overriding purpose other than to rack up as many points as possible. The driving physics are unrealistic and focus on excitement, rewarding players with extra points for near-misses of other vehicles. Collisions only temporarily slow the player down and do not cause any damage to the player or other vehicles. The home versions of the game include an extra series of challenges that include jumping a certain distance off of a ramp by using a Crazy Dash at the appropriate time.

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