How Do You Play a Coined Spirit Game?

The coined spirit game is much like using a Ouija or "talking" board to communicate with unseen spirits. To play, you need to create your own game board by drawing the alphabet, numbers and a few helpful words on a piece of paper. Once you've drawn up your game board, decide on a question, and with the aid of one or more friends, place your fingers on the coin in the center of the paper. Ask if there are any spirits present, and see if the coin moves.

  1. Draw the board

    The alphabet is drawn in an over-arch from "A" to "N" lengthwise across the top of a piece of paper. The remaining letters are drawn in an under-arch lengthwise along the bottom so that your letters create an oval within the edges of your paper. Then draw the numbers 0 through 9 in a row through the middle of the oval. In the corners, you can add the words "yes," "no," "hello" and "goodbye." Once this is accomplished, you may wish to tape the paper to a table so that it doesn't slide around.

  2. Set the mood

    Gather two or more people to play the game. Wait until night, and light candles to create atmosphere. Sit facing each other around a table with the paper in the middle. Each person should place one finger from each hand on the coin lightly. Move the coin around the board a bit to check for obstructions. It should glide easily. Pick one person to formally ask the spirit questions.

  3. Pose a question

    When everyone is ready, the questioner poses a question to a certain spirit. The coin should move around the paper and land on different responses. It helps to have an extra person present to write down the answers, especially if the spirit begins spelling things out with letters. Do not take the game too seriously as it is not scientifically proven to really work. However, it is cautioned that this "game" should never be played alone as that practice has been known to lead to unhealthy obsessions.