How do you play "Clumsy Ninja"?


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Play "Clumsy Ninja" by touching, tapping or swiping your finger across the screen on your iOS- or Android-compatible device. The game features intuitive touchscreen controls, and every interaction you have with Clumsy Ninja helps him advance in his mission.

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Opening "Clumsy Ninja" on a compatible device lets you tap the screen to tickle the character, grab and toss him with a swipe, or touch and move objects on the screen so Clumsy Ninja can interact with them. The controls of the game intuitively respond to your interaction and choices, and the game loads a variety of objects for you to use as you train Clumsy Ninja for his tasks.

Clumsy Ninja gains levels in the game based on your interaction with him, and every action you take changes his abilities in some fashion. Help him jump on trampolines, chase chickens and laugh out loud as you control his actions or interact with him in a variety of different ways. The goal of "Clumsy Ninja" is to train the ninja to rescue a kidnapped friend. This requires leveling the ninja to level 99 and finding the kidnapped Kira. Earning all of the belts and advancing the story lets you know more about the ninja hero.

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