How Do You Play Clue Jr.?

The objective of Clue Jr. is to find out which child is hiding in which room with which pet. To solve the mystery, a player must visit all of the rooms, open the doors to find hidden clues, and cross off the children, pets and rooms she finds there from her detective notepad. Each time an item is crossed off the list, either a child, room or pet is eliminated.

A player spins the number spinner on her turn and moves her piece the proper number of spaces in any direction. When she lands on a rug outside any of the rooms, she can open the door. Any items seen there should be crossed off from her detective notepad. She stays there until her next turn, when she may spin and move again. When she lands on a secret passage stairway, she moves through the passage and exits from the space on the other side of the board.

Players continue to take turns spinning until a player has only one child, one room and one pet remaining on her detective notepad. The player should tell the other players the pet, child and room that remain on her notepad. If these match the cards in the clear blue revealer door, she wins. If they don't match, she is out of the game, and play continues until another player guesses correctly.