How Do You Play "Club Penguin"?


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You can play the online game "Club Penguin" by creating a free account and designing a virtual avatar to use within the game world. While in the world, you can chat with other players, explore and play different minigames that involve either the mouse or keyboard commands.

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"Club Penguin" is a virtual world owned by the Disney corporation and meant to appeal to younger children and pre-teens, as of 2015. The game differs from traditional single-player experiences in that it consists of a large world that you're able to explore. Although the game does include numerous objective-based missions, the general purpose of the game is open-ended exploring rather than completing specific levels to reach an end point.

One of the main features of the game is its minigame system. As you explore the world, you gain access to different activities and games that occur either within the main game world or within a separate game space. Disney frequently updates the minigames within "Club Penguin" to keep the overall experience fresh and new for players. Many games involve clicking on different items to either collect them or earn points by clearing them from the screen. You are able to earn experience or in-game currency for completing these games and use both to customize your character.

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