How Do You Play the Clifford Measuring Up Game?


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To play the Clifford Measuring Up game, navigate to Pbskids.org/clifford/games/measuring_up.html, and click the yellow Play button. Click on the item that matches the description provided by the game.

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The Clifford Measuring Up game shows three similar items on the screen at a time, such as three kites or three pencils. Each of the three items is slightly different in some way, such as in length, thickness or height. The game asks the player to choose the item that matches a particular description, such as the kite that is the highest or the pencil that is the longest. The game displays the directions in words in the upper left corner of the game screen. You can also hear the directions spoken if you turn on the volume of the computer.

When you hear the directions, click the matching object. The game then displays three new objects and a new direction describing which item to choose. When you finish all of the items, click the Play Again button to try again.

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