How Do You Play Chuzzle Online?


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Fans of Chuzzle can play the game online for free at MSN Games. This game uses Active X and Java and requires a compatible Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer; it does not work on Firefox.

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How Do You Play Chuzzle Online?
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The aim of Chuzzle is to drag the googly-eyed creatures around on the board to make groups of three or more. When the player forms a line of three creatures of the same color, they disappear, and their eyes fly into the beaker at the side of the screen. Players can progress to the next level by filling up the beaker with eyes. They lose the game if they are unable to make any more matches.

Some creatures are locked and cannot be moved. To unlock a creature, match it with two or more of the same color by dragging them into line with it. Audio and visual alerts let players know when there is a potential match.

Players can create Super Chuzzles by matching five or more creatures in a line. A Super Chuzzle has special powers that allow players to clear large areas of the board in a single move. When players make a match that includes a Super Chuzzle, it explodes and removes all the surrounding creatures, scoring many points for the player.

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