How Do You Play Chuzzle?


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In "Chuzzle, gamers drag fuzzy monsters around the game board using a computer mouse to match three or more furry creatures together to set them free. While playing the game, you can unlock secret games and trophies.

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When the game starts, drag Chuzzles into rows and columns to match three or more. Once you make a match, the creatures' googly eyeballs fly into a beaker. Move on to the next level after the beaker is full.

During the game, certain Chuzzles become locked. Make matches with the trapped Chuzzle to break the lock and set that monster free. If you match five or more Chuzzles, you create a super Chuzzle. Using a super Chuzzle to make a match fills up the beaker more quickly. If you run out of moves, the game is over.

When playing the game, keep your ears and eyes open. When a potential match is available on the game board, an audio alert sounds, and the outline of the Chuzzle you need to move to make the match lights up. When you clear out Chuzzles, new monsters enter the game board from the bottom. This means that you should clear out Chuzzles at the top of the screen first.

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