How Do You Play "Chuzzle" Without Downloading It?


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Play "Chuzzle" without downloading it on Zone.MSN.com. The game is available for free online; when you make an account, you can earn badges and other prizes.

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To play "Chuzzle," drag the Chuzzle characters around in rows or columns and attempt to make matches of three or more characters. When a match occurs, the eyes of the Chuzzles break off and fly into a beaker on the side of the screen. When the beaker fills, the next level becomes available, but when there are no matches available, the game ends. In later levels, some of the Chuzzles appear with a lock, which means they cannot move until the lock breaks by making a match. If you match five or more characters, a Super Chuzzle appears; when matching the Super Chuzzle, many characters clear from the board.

One tip for playing "Chuzzle" is to play with the sound on, as an audible tone sounds when there is a potential match. Also, read outside the line since a match is not always a straight line. Try to make combos, as more points are available when a combination of matches occurs. It is also good to think about where Super Chuzzles are, as matching them in the middle of the screen earns the most points.

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