How Do You Play Chicken Foot Dominoes?

How Do You Play Chicken Foot Dominoes?

Play Chicken Foot Dominoes with at least two people and a set of standard, double-nine dominoes. The player with the fewest points at the end wins.

  1. Set up the dominoes

    Shuffle the dominoes, and place them face down on a table. Each player picks up seven dominoes. If playing with only a few people, pick up more than seven dominoes. The game is best played with four to eight people, and with more people, use larger sets of dominoes.

  2. Determine the person who starts the game

    The player that draws the highest double goes first. In a set of double-nine dominoes, the double-nine is the highest. Each subsequent round begins with the player that selected the next-highest double. If no one picks up the next-highest domino, players take turns picking up dominoes from the boneyard until it is found.

  3. Begin game play

    The starting player places their domino in the center of the tableau. Play continues in a clockwise direction. If the first domino is a double-nine, the next player must put down a domino with a nine at one end. The next three dominoes must then also have a nine at one end. These dominoes are placed around each side of the center tile to create arms. The center tile must have four arms before adding dominoes to the arms. If a player does not have a legal play, he must draw from the boneyard. This tile can be played immediately if it works on the tableau. Once the boneyard is dry, players without legal moves lose a turn.

  4. Place a double tile

    When a player adds a double tile to the tableau, it should be placed crosswise against the arm. Once he says "chicken foot," the next three dominoes must be played on this domino as "chicken toes."

  5. End the hand

    When a players places his final domino, the game ends, and the other players add their remaining dominoes to get their score. A double-blank domino is equal to 50 points. The hand also ends if no one can make a legal move.

  6. Complete the game

    The game continues for as many hands as desired. At the end of the game, tally the scores from each hand, and the player with the lowest score wins. If there is a tie, the player with the most zero-point hands win.