How Do You Play a Chess Game Against a Computer?


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Play a chess game against a computer by using an online chess game, such as those available on Chess.com, ChessOK.com, Math.com and ComputerChessOnline.net, as of 2015. These types of chess video games include the functionality for a computer-controlled chess game, according to preset code for making different moves.

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With the advent of computer artificial intelligence and logic-based programming, many chess video games offer a single-player mode that allows a player to challenge the game itself to a match. These games include code that analyzes the chess board and the moves of the opponent, takes into account the rules of the game and different strategic options, and automatically plays the game. Many games offer different levels of skill and complexity, though often on a lower level to allow the average player to still enjoy the game.

ChessOK.com offers Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels, as well as the choice to play as white or black pieces. The chess game on Math.com also contains three difficulty levels. To make a move in this version, players click on the piece in question to pick it up, then click on the destination square to place it. Players are only able to make valid moves, though the game does not visually display which moves are valid.

The chess game on Chess.com runs on the Java programming language, which means that some players may need to download additional software in order to play.

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