How Do I Play Chess Against a Computer?


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Chess can be played against a computer by either downloading a chess program or going on a website that offers one. All that's needed is a computer or a smartphone and a knowledge of the game.

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  1. Learn the rules of chess

    Spend time learning how all the chess pieces move until it becomes second nature. Each type of piece is unique. Learn the special moves, such as castling and en passant. Computer programs will ensure you don't make any illegal moves, but you won't know all the moves available to you unless you study the game beforehand.

  2. Find a chess program

    Do a search for chess on either your computer or the application store on your smartphone. There are many free websites and applications that allow you to play chess against a computer. Download or bookmark several options so you can try them all out. Certain programs offer different features, such as a tutorial option or the opportunity to go back and replay moves.

  3. Begin the game

    Start playing the computer. Most programs have a difficulty setting that can be adjusted based on your skill level. After your first game, adjust the difficulty level if you felt the match was too easy or too difficult.

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