How Do You Play Checkers Online?


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Play checkers online by visiting a hosting website, such as Games.com or Pogo.com, and joining a game in progress or starting a new game. Play progresses as players advance pieces by sliding them across the board and capturing opponent's pieces by jumping over them.

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How Do You Play Checkers Online?
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Players may play single-player games against a computer or multiplayer matches against human opponents. Lobbies available on many games websites help the matchmaking process, allowing players to find friends or play with strangers of similar skill levels. Online matches of checkers often feature a simple point-and-click interface, which allows players to choose a piece and select its new destination.

Players in checkers choose a side, typically indicated by red and black pieces, and move their pieces diagonally in an attempt to capture pieces belonging to their opponents. Standard checkers may only move forwards and a space must exist on the far side of adjacent pieces for checkers to jump over opposing pieces and capture that piece. Online play typically begins with all pieces for players originating on the black spaces closest to their sides of the board. Reaching the opposite side of the board promotes a piece to king status, allowing movement and capture both backwards and forwards along diagonal paths. Capturing all of an opponent's pieces wins the game.

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