How Do You Play Checkers?


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You play checkers by moving one of your game pieces one square forward in a diagonal direction with each turn, and trying to capture your opponent's pieces. Checkers is a game for two players, each with 12 game pieces on an alternating dark and light grid.

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How Do You Play Checkers?
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You begin with 12 pieces laid out on the 12 dark squares nearest to you, filling three rows with four checkers per row. The board should be oriented so that you have a dark square at the corner closest to you and on your left. You capture your opponent's pieces when you have the opportunity to jump one of your pieces diagonally to an open square on the other side of one of his or her pieces. You can only capture pieces that are diagonally adjacent to your own piece. On your turn if a capturing move is available, that move is compulsory. If you can immediately follow a capturing move by another capture by the same piece, you must continue capturing in this manner until no more captures are available, and only then does your turn end. When one of the pieces reaches a square on the far side of the board from which it began, the piece is made into a "king" by placing an additional checker on top of it. Kings move in the same way as regular pieces, except they may move backwards diagonally, not just forward You win by capturing all of your opponent's pieces.

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