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The U.S. Carrom Association describes the game as a combination of pool, marbles and air hockey. It is played on a square wooden board with 29-inch sides and four corner pockets. Two, three or four people can play, and players take turns flicking a "striker" at the object pieces, which resemble black and white checkers. The goal is to sink nine pieces and the red queen piece into a corner.

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Pieces are initially clustered in the middle of the board and whoever breaks them is always playing with white pieces. A player flicks the heavier striker piece in attempts to sink his colored pieces, continuing the turn until he misses a shot. Unlike pool, all combination shots and lucky shots are considered valid. In between each shot, the striker is placed back at the base line, either covering the red circle completely or not touching it at all. Shooting styles vary among players, and any grip is legal as long as the striker is flicked and not pushed. The queen piece can be pocketed at any time after sinking the first piece, but must not be the last piece sunk. Whoever clears all his pieces first wins the board. The board winner collects one point for each of the opponents' pieces left at the finish and three points for covering the opponents' queens. The first player to reach eight boards or 25 points will win the match.

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