How Do You Play Card Hunter?


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To play Card Hunter, collect cards and create a deck, take on challenges and slay monsters, play against others in multiplayer mode, and collect items after finishing adventures. The actual gameplay consists of start of round effects and attachments, card draw, playing cards, discard leftover cards and calculate victory squares. All actions and maneuvers during a game are enabled by playing cards. Items and equipment are also made by cards, which are equipped on the character sheet.

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Card Hunter is an online card collection game with single player campaigns, adventures and multiplayer battles. The game board shows a lot of gameplay information, including the remaining cards in the deck, user characters, enemy characters, game log and chat window. Each card shows the damage and attack type, name, quality and color. Cards are colored based on the type of action the card enables.

At the start of every round, existing and new effects are triggered in the order of oldest to newest. New attachments are also enabled while expired attachments are removed. Players draw two cards each and are given a copy of their default movement card. Each player takes turns playing cards until both players choose to pass consecutively. At the end of the turn, players must discard cards until they are only holding two cards.

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