How Do You Play the Card Game "Solitaire" for Free Online?


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There are many websites that offer free online Solitaire games such as Games.com, WorldOfSolitaire.com and SolitaireOnline.com. These websites feature different versions of solitaire, with some offering customer ratings of the games.

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The game of patience, called Solitaire in the United States and Canada, is a game played by one person, although it can be scored in head-to-head competition with other players. In the United States, it is played with cards, while other countries play with pegs. The game became popular in the 19th century, but its beginnings go back to the 1600s.

Online Solitaire games generally require no cost or download. Online versions of the game include hundreds of variations such as Wild West, Kings Klondike and Snowy Peak. Regardless of the version, the game of Solitaire is a process of sorting the cards on the tableau in alternating suit colors from king to ace and from ace to king on the foundation or top of the screen. Games are scored by completion of the four foundations as well as moves, undo moves and game time.

In order to play the free online solitaire games, go to one of the websites and select the desired version. Click on the game's title to play. Players can opt to create an account, which allows statistics to be saved and transferred to different devices.

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