How Do You Play the Card Game Hearts?


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The goal of Hearts is to win by having the lowest score. Avoid points by losing tricks that include any hearts (worth 1 point each) or the Queen of Spades (worth 13 points). An alternate strategy is to collect all 13 hearts and the Queen of Spades, which results in all other players receiving 26 points.

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How Do You Play the Card Game Hearts?
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  1. Deal out the deck

    Divide the deck evenly among all players. With four players, each receives 13 cards. If there are three players, remove the two of clubs, and deal each player 17 cards.

  2. Open the lead, and begin play

    The player who has the two of clubs leads the first trick. Play moves clockwise. If you have a club, you must play it. If not, you may play a card from a different suit. If you play the highest-value club in the trick, you pick up the cards. The ace is the highest-value card in this game.

  3. Keep playing tricks in the game

    The person who wins a trick starts the next trick. Remember to avoid winning tricks that have hearts in them, and keep in mind that other players can play a heart on your trick if they do not have cards in the suit that you play. Pay careful attention to the cards that others play so that you know when it is safe to play certain cards. For example, since the King or Ace of Spades would capture the Queen of Spades, giving you 13 points, waiting until the Queen appears in another trick is a sound strategy if you have the King or Ace of spades in your hand.

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