How Do You Play the Card Game Chaotic?


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Following the apprentice rules to play the card game Chaotic, set up the Battleboard, draw two cards from the attack deck, and follow the three steps necessary for each turn. As the objective of the card game, players attempt to defeat all of an opponent's creatures

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To set up the Battleboard, each player places his creature cards face up in an inverted pyramid shape next to his opponent's cards to form a diamond. Separate and shuffle the attack cards, and place them face down in a pile. Do the same with the location cards. Discard the rest of the cards, as they are not used in the apprentice rules. Each player draws two attack cards to start the game.

Each turn consists of three steps, the location step, the action step and the end-of-turn step. During the first step, the active player reveals the top card in his location deck to provide a location for his turn. During step two, at least one of the active player's creatures must move. A creature can move one spot, unless otherwise stated on the card. If the creature moves into a space occupied by an opponent's creature, the two creatures battle. The location card determines which creature initiates the battle by comparing the four discipline powers on the location card with the creature card. Use the attack cards to defeat the opponent's creature. Each turn allows only one battle. After moving a creature, a player may end his turn or move other creatures.

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