How Do You Play "Car Ferry"?

How Do You Play "Car Ferry"?

“Car Ferry” is a free online Flash game in which players use a computer mouse to drop items into the water with the goal of making a bridge for a car. Some of the items that they use include wood boxes and beams; players can only use a limited number to make the bridge.

“Car Ferry” is a puzzle game based on physics. Players can't simply place the items into the water directly. They have to drop them into place from a predetermined height. On some stages, they must hit or knock over other objects that are already in the playing field.

Every stage contains three stars to collect, and players can do so by hitting these stars with their building materials. At the end of the stage, they receive a score based on how many stars they collected and how fast they completed the stage.

The game contains 35 stages and 22 achievements to complete. Players unlock achievements after reaching certain milestones in the game. One of the achievements, for example, requires them to collect all three stars on level five.

From the Stage Select screen, players can replay stages that they have already unlocked to see how many stars they have collected on each. If they beat their previous score while replaying a stage, the game shows the text “High score” on the right-hand side of the results screen.