How Do You Play Candystand's Chalkboard Football?


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Play Chalkboard Football using a computer mouse to move the “X” to where you want to pass the ball. The goal of the game is to score as many touchdowns as possible within the four quarters of the game. Since this game requires JavaScript, it's not supported in certain Web browsers such as Google Chrome.

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Chalkboard Football is a free game that is available to play at Candystand.com. There are four quarters, and each quarter lasts one minute. During this time, players select plays from the playbook and successfully complete those plays to make touchdowns. Select plays from the playbook using the arrow keys on the computer keyboard. Once you highlight the play that you want, use the computer mouse to click the “Select” option to start the play.

Once a play starts, move the “X” to where you want to pass the ball. The play that you select determines where on the field you need to move the “X” to. Successfully completing a pass involves placing the “X” in front of the receiver at the spot where you think he will be when the pass arrives.

When the receiver successfully catches the ball, you control him using the mouse. Simply move the mouse in the direction that you want the receiver to move.

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