How Do You Play "Can Your Pet"?


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A free online flash game available through Kongregate and PlayCanYourPet.com, "Can Your Pet?" revolves around feeding, dressing, bathing and playing with a small yellow chick until it is canned. To begin playing, click Start on the opening screen, and enter a name for your pet.

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When playing "Can Your Pet?," keep track of two scales to determine how happy your pet is. The red scale determines how much food your pet wants, and the blue scale tells you how much it needs to be bathed. First, customize your pet, then feed it, and bathe it until it becomes satisfied. To bathe your chick, click and drag the shower head to its body; the chick runs away from the shower head, so you must follow it with your cursor.

Once the chick has its basic needs met, play with it by clicking and dragging the soccer ball icon. Click the ball to start the mini-game, then click on it again to lob it back. Once the ball hits the ground, the game is finished.

When you are ready, click the last icon to can your pet and restart the game. On the next playthrough, cans appear in the corner of the screen with the name of your previous pet. The opening screen may have changed as well.

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