How Do You Play Can Your Pet 2?


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To play the Can Your Pet game, use the mouse to customize and take care of the pet. Use the in-built tools and scales to feed, clean, decorate and train the pet and can it at the end.

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Enter the name or nickname of the pet in the customization field, and hit the Next button to add a name tag to the pet. Use the first tool at the bottom of the screenplay to modify the eyes, head and body of the pet, and modify its appearance using glasses or hair accessories as desired. Alternatively, click the Random customization button continuously to obtain the appearance of choice. Hold and drag the second tool to the mouth of the pet to supply it with food, keeping watch on the red scale to avoid giving the pet too much food.

Next bath the pet using fresh cold water while focusing on the blue scale. For the pet to exercise, click on the Ball icon and allow the pet some time to play. After a while, hit the highlighted bicycle icon to begin the canning process of the pet. Watch the final canning stage as the favorite pet disappears in a brutal end accompanied by funny soundtracks.

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