How Do You Play the C9 Chord on the Guitar?

How Do You Play the C9 Chord on the Guitar?

The C9 chord is the C chord with the seventh interval removed and replaced with a ninth. It can be played in several ways, but the simplest is closest to the nut of the guitar. The other variations occur higher on the neck of the guitar and require a capo to make it easier to play them.

  1. Fret the A string

    The root note of the chord is still C, so it should be played at the third fret of the A string. Use the middle finger for this note instead of the ring finger used in a C major chord.

  2. Place the index finger on the D string

    To form the third interval E, position the index finger on the D string.

  3. Bar the next three strings

    Place the ring finger directly behind the third fret of the G, B and high E strings, forming Bb, D and G. You can also use the pinky finger if necessary, but the ring finger is generally stronger. Also, it can be easy to bend the strings accidentally and alter the pitch. Press straight down on the fret to play a clear sound.

  4. Play all five strings together

    Strum cleanly and clearly to make all the notes sound harmoniously and mellifluously. Take care not to strum the low E string, because it undermines the root note and disturbs the chord's natural sound.