How Do You Play "Build a Robot 3"?

How Do You Play "Build a Robot 3"?

To play "Build a Robot 3" on, a player adds and paints parts to create his own robot. Players choose from an array of mechanical torsos, heads, arms, legs and more to create custom robots. Players can move and resize parts by dragging the nodes of each part.

"Build a Robot 3" is a robot-building and customization game that allows players to create a unique robot using parts from seven different categories. The player can change the type, size and color of each part and then put the parts together to form a complete robot.

The first part category is torsos. A player can choose from over 20 unique torsos that he can paint in to two different colors. The next category is heads, which includes components for both the head and face, such as eyes, mouths and noses. The arms and legs categories include appendages that range from drill arms to unicycle legs.

In the weapons category, the player can choose from an arsenal of weapons including laser guns, machine guns, scythes, claws and bombs. Some weapons, such as the chainsaw and flamethrower, are animated. The next category includes equipment including a hockey mask, propeller, diver's helmet, tool box and garbage can. The player can add these to his robot to give them a specific purpose; for example, a trash collector robot might have the garbage can.

The last category is miscellaneous, which includes circuitry, puffs of smoke, pipes, letters and numbers. The player can use these to show distress or to label the robot.