How Do You Play "Build a Coaster"?

How Do You Play "Build a Coaster"?

To play "Build a Coaster," click on coaster pieces and drag them to the coaster area until the roller coaster is complete. Click on Submit Your Coaster to receive a rating. The game is available on the games page of, as of July 2015.

"Build a Coaster" has eight pieces to use. The large camel back and banked curve pieces both provide an incline. The dip has a decline. The tunnel is a straight section with a tunnel around it. The corkscrew has multiple inclines and declines.

The loop pieces are the large loop, the boomerang and the batwing.

The roller coaster begins with two sections, one on each side of the screen. You must fill in the blank areas between both sections before you can submit your coaster. If you want to change a piece you've added, drag a new piece over it.

After you click submit, a red dot travels along your coaster. While it does, the Fear-O-Meter at the bottom of the screen goes up and down depending on how scary each section is. When the red dot returns to the starting point, the game displays a message rating your coaster and provides the option to try again.