How Do You Play the "Build the Bridge" Game?


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Play the game "Build the Bridge" by using the mouse to pick up and drag different pieces of a bridge to cover holes in the ground and other obstacles, and to allow a train to safely cross the game area. Also, use the arrow keys to rotate the bridge pieces.

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At the start of the game, choose from one of the available levels, though only one level is available during the first time playing. Each level allows you to choose from different locomotives, each of which offers different stats and benefits. As more levels open up, more locomotive options become available as well. After choosing a train, the game pans over the level to display all of the current obstacles.

The main gameply of each level consists of picking up different bridges and similar pieces of train track scattered throughout the play area. The goal is to cover all gaps in the ground so that the train is able to safely complete its journey to the end of the stage. To move the pieces, left-click on them, and drag the mouse to the uncovered spot. While still holding down the left button, use the arrow keys to rotate the bridge piece to the correct orientation, and let go to drop it in place. Press the Play button at the top to send the train into motion.

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