How Do You Play "Bubble Witch Saga"?


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Play "Bubble Witch Saga" by using a cannon to shoot at a wall of descending bubbles in an attempt to fill a cauldron and free the land from evil. The game follows the story of three witch sisters as they attempt to battle an ancient evil force.

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The main gameplay of "Bubble Witch Saga" consists of shooting at a field of bubbles in order to create a chain of similar colors to meet the specific goals of that level, which are usually to pop a certain number of different-colored bubbles. Some levels include special types of bubbles in the play field that provide bonuses or hindrances to the flow of gameplay, depending on the bubble. For example, one type may clear out an entire area, regardless of color, thus speeding up the completion of that level's goals.

As of 2015, the game is available on devices that use the Apple iOS or Android operating systems, as well as on the social gaming platform Facebook. In the mobile version of the game, position the canon by dragging your finger across the screen and releasing to fire. In the online version, you must move the mouse to the correct position, and click to fire a bubble.

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