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"Bubble Shooter" is a free-to-play game available through several websites without the need to download it as of 2015. Websites that feature "Bubble Shooter" include BubbleShooter.net, SilverGames.com, Absolutist.com and Shooter-Bubble.com. Playing "Bubble Shooter" online does not players to save their progress, which means they lose the record of their scores when they close the webpage.

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Developed by Absolutist LTD in 2001, the design of “Bubble Shooter” follows in the same vein of the 1995 release, “Puzzle Bobble 2.” The game has a casual premise that calls on players to match colored balls to clear the screen before the ceiling of balls reaches the bottom of the screen. A chrome countdown next to the ball shooter signals when the ceiling is set to drop a level, and a queued-up color allows players to strategize the best move.

Playing “Bubble Shooter” online does not allow the player to select a difficulty level above “novice,” but the ability to change the color of the board is available. To save the game's progress and change its difficulty level, players can access a deluxe version of “Bubble Shooter” at Absolutist.com for purchase as of November 2015. A free version is also available for download on Mac and Windows platforms.

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