How Do You Play "Bubble Pop"?


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Gamers play “Bubble Pop” using a computer mouse to pop bubbles. While trying to pop bubbles, they have to watch out for mines, which end the game. “Bubble Pop” is available to play on arcade websites such as FreeArcade.com.

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In “Bubble Pop,” players take control of a fish whose only mission in life is to pop as many bubbles as possible and get a high score. There is no end to the game; players just attempt to pop as many bubbles as possible until they accidentally run into a mine. The game starts off easy with only one mine floating around. The longer the player stays alive, the more mines they have to avoid.

The more bubbles that players pop in a row, the higher the score multiplier rises. For every second that they aren't popping bubbles, the score multiplier decreases, hindering the player's ability to achieve a high score.

There are also power-ups in “Bubble Pop” that players can collect to aid their quest to get a high score. For example, picking up an magnet makes the bubbles gravitate toward them when they get close. They can also pick up a stopwatch that slows down time and super armor that protects them from mines for a limited amount of time.

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