How Do You Play BTD 5?


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"Bloons Tower Defense 5" is a game that involves placing defense towers along a path along which balloons pass. Different towers have different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Different balloons have different immunities, speeds and reactions. The balloons enter from one end of the path and exit at the other. The objective is to pop all the balloons with the defense towers.

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Different types of defense towers include the Sniper Monkey, Ninja Monkey, and the Heli Pilot. Use the Sniper Monkey to pop balloons from any distance, and pop two balloon layers with one shot. Use the Ninja Monkey for a relatively fast multi-attack that throws multiple darts, and to detect and pop camouflage balloons. Use the Heli Pilot to target specific areas of the map in real-time.

Purchase upgrades for each tower type with money collected from popping balloons. Upgrades increase stats such as attack range, attack strength and attack rate. Some upgrades change balloon characteristics, such as making them move slower, reversing direction or attacking other balloons. Unlock upper-level upgrades by leveling up general skill level.

To win, pass a level without losing 100 lives. Each balloon is worth a different number of lives, which are deducted as the balloons pass through the exit.

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