How Do You Play Bridge Online?


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Users can play a free version of the card game bridge on Arkadium.com. The user controls both himself and his teammate while playing against two computer-controlled opponents. Teams advance by winning tricks, and the first team to win two games out of three is declared the winner.

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All players start the game by bidding on how many tricks, or groups of four cards, they expect to win of a specific suit. The lead player plays the first card, and gameplay proceeds clockwise around the table. Every player tries to play a card in the same suit as the lead. The player who puts down the highest card in the correct suit wins the trick and collects the cards. After the players have played all their cards, the game tallies each team's score automatically and then deals cards for the next round.

The menu at the top-left corner of the game window lets the player view the bidding table and a detailed summary of the score. The player can also adjust sound options and bring up the Help menu, which provides a simplified overview of the rules. If the player needs a more detailed description of the rules, one is available on RPBridge.net.

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