How Do You Play "Brick Breaker"?


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To play "Brick Breaker," move the paddle horizontally to place it in the path of the ball. Bounce the ball into the bricks that line the top of the screen until all the bricks are gone. Versions of "Brick Breaker" are available on the games section of Y8.com and as a smartphone application, as of 2015.

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The "Brick Breaker" game originated from the Atari game "Breakout." Controls vary depending on the method of play. For example, online games allow the player to control the paddle with the mouse.

Bricks disappear when the ball touches them. As the player gets further in the game, the speed of the ball increases. Capsules occasionally fall from the top of the screen. The player must touch the capsule with the paddle to activate it. Capsule effects can be positive, such as increasing the size of the paddle, or negative, such as making the ball much smaller.

Hitting the ball with the center of the paddle is preferable to hitting it with a paddle edge, because edge shots cause the ball to move at sharp angles. By hitting it with the center, the player can control the ball more easily. To maximize his score, the player should only activate capsules that he's sure are positive, and he shouldn't risk missing the ball to activate a capsule.

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