How Do You Play "Breaking the Bank"?

How Do You Play "Breaking the Bank"?

To play "Breaking the Bank," choose one of the item options in the opening scene. The game is available on the Stick Games section of, as of July 2015.

The game begins with a short cut scene showing the bank that the character is attempting to enter. After you choose one of the items, another cut scene plays, showing the effect of your item choice.

If you choose the tunnel option, the character digs a hole with a shovel. He lands on a track and is hit by a train. If you choose explosion, the character sets up explosives by the wall. When the detonator switch doesn't work, he investigates the explosives, which then explode next to him.

The lazer drill option results in the character cutting a hole in the wall with the drill. The section of the wall he cuts then falls on him. If you choose wrecking ball, the character swings a wrecking ball at the wall but misses. The ball swings back around and crushes the cockpit of the character's construction vehicle. The teleporter option results in the character teleporting himself into the wall and becoming stuck.

If you choose disguise, the character hides in a bag with a money symbol on the outside. Truck drivers then throw the bag in with the rest of the money, and the character ends up in the vault. When he comes out, a security system catches him. The disguise option is the only option that results in the end of the game.