How Do You Play "Bratz Fish Tank"?


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In the Bratz Fish Tank game, you choose fish for your tank, feed them and take care of them using your mouse. You can also decorate your own tank and do more fun activities with your fish.

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In the Bratz Fish Tank game, you are presented with twenty fish, and you can choose four to put in your tank. Next, you decorate your tank by choosing background colors, plants, shells, gravel and other features. From there, you feed your fish every day to keep them healthy. To feed them, use your mouse to drag the food shaker to the tank.

You must check on your fish often. In the beginning you have $100 to take care of your fish. If a fish becomes ill, you must buy medicine to heal it. You must also keep the tank clean and maintain an appropriate temperature, around 80 degrees, which requires purchasing supplies for tank maintenance. If you have to be away from your tank for a few days, you can hire a fish sitter to take care of them. As you need more money, you can sell fish. If you'd like to create new types of fish to keep or sell, you can mix fish so that the eggs produce new varieties. You can also redecorate your tank whenever you like.

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