How Do You Play "Boowa and Kwala" on UpToTen?


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"Boowa and Kwala" games are point-and-click adventure games that require a computer and access to the Internet to play. As of July 2015, there are over 800 free games available that include mazes, coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles.

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"Boowa and Kwala" games are mostly educational games aimed at challenging preschoolers and younger children to think creatively and to solve problems. They are played using the arrow keys on a keyboard and with a computer mouse or trackpad for navigating Boowa and Kwala within the game. There are many different games available, but most of them require pointing at objects and clicking on them, shuffling the arrow keys, or assigning values or colors to an object.

There are a variety of other categories of games available with Boowa and Kwala including shapes, spot the difference, and hide and seek, all meant to challenge and inspire younger children to learn. Additionally, there are other fun and interactive activities such as meeting Boowa and Kwala's families, singing songs, and watching a presentation where Boowa and Kwala travel the world. UpToTen.com is a safe-and-reliable place for children to learn and explore freely using the characters Boowa and Kwala. The website is simple and fun to navigate, letting children focus on learning and having fun.

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