How Do You Play "Bookworm" on a PC?


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To start the game, visit PopCap.com, and select the All Games option; then click on the "Bookworm link". The objective of "Bookworm" is to feed the bookworm by creating word chains.

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After the game loads, click on the provided letters to link them into words, and click on the Submit button to chomp the created words. Avoid the burning letter tiles; if those tiles reach the bottom of the screen, the game is over. An option to scramble the letters is available, but players pay a penalty for using the tool.

Each letter tile is valued according to the number of dots on the bottom right corner. When combining letters, the dots are added together, increasing the overall score. Multipliers, or bonus tiles, are created when words containing five or more letters are formed. The bonus tiles are beneficial in gaining extra points when used in a word.

Bonus words are given at the beginning of the second level, and users who spell out the bonus words earn additional points. Bonus words become more difficult to spell out as the game progresses. Colored tiles are worth extra points when used in a word. Green tiles appear randomly while gold tiles, which are worth more, are rewarded when words containing five or more letters are created.

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