How Do You Play the "Bob the Snail" Game?


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Play as Bob the snail in the game "Snail Bob" by clicking on different elements of each level to allow the snail character to reach the designated end point unharmed. Most levels include levers or switches for clearing obstacles or changing the environment, which require a mouse click to initiate.

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At the start of the game, you have the option to watch an animated cutscene establishing the game's back story or skip the cutscene to move directly into the level select menu. The first time you play the game, you can only choose the first level, though the game does save your progress in the form of browser cookies. The first few levels feature simple puzzles and instructions on how to play the game. All of the actions in the game involve clicking on different aspects of the level, such as clicking on a lever to raise a barrier and allow Snail Bob to move forward.

You have no direct control over the motion of Snail Bob in the game, as he perpetually moved forward until he hits a solid surface. Once he hits a wall he changes direction and continues to move onward. Some levels require specific timing to get Snail Bob onto platforms or other areas in order to send him to a new part of the level and reach the end.

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