How Do You Play Board Games Online?


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Gamers can play board games such as “Monopoly” and “Risk” online for free at Pogo.com as of 2015. They don't have to register to play the games on Pogo.com because they can play as guests. However, they can't save their progress or play online with others without creating accounts.

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In “Monopoly,” players have to buy, sell and trade property to win the game. The goal is to buy as much property as possible to make other players owe rent when they land on the property. While playing this game, players have to learn how to budget their money and make deals. However, like many board games, “Monopoly” also takes a bit of luck.

Players control “Monopoly” using a computer mouse. To roll the dice, they click on the “Roll Dice” button. They have the option to buy property when they land on it if another player doesn't already own it. Making it completely around the board and passing “Go” earns the player $200.

In “Risk,” players have to take over the world and lead their people to glory. This is a turn-based game in which each player takes a turn invading countries and waging war against each other. While the game takes a lot of strategy, it also takes a lot of luck because the battles are determined using die. At the start of the game, players take turns placing their units in the different areas that they want to control.

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