How Do You Play the Board Game Carrom?


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To play Carrom, first arrange the pieces so that the red queen is in the center of the board. Arrange the white pieces around the queen in a Y shape, and place the black pieces in between them. The player on the white side starts the game. Each player uses his finger to flick his striker disk at the pieces, and aims to knock his pieces into the pockets at the corner of the board.

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Players may only strike from the side of the table that they are sitting at. Once a player sinks one of his pieces, he continues his turn until he misses a shot. Lucky shots and combinations are allowed under Carrom's rules. Players may sink the red queen at any point after they sink their first piece, but the queen must be sunk before the final black or white piece.

When the queen is sunk, the player must pocket one of his pieces in his next shot, otherwise the queen is returned to the starting position. The winner is the first player to sink all of his pieces after the queen is pocketed.

Carrom is popular in India, Pakistan and Nepal. It is a popular family game, and clubs and cafes often hold their own tournaments.

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