How Do You Play "Bloons Tower Defense 5"?


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Play "Bloons Tower Defense 5" by using the mouse to place towers on a map with the goal of popping as many balloons as possible before they reach the end of each track. Balloons that reach the end of the track lower a player's health, which doesn't refresh each level.

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At the start of the game a player has the ability to create an account with the developers, Ninja Kiwi, in order to track overall progress and save upgrades. The game features a virtual currency system that allows a player to upgrade various towers as well as purchase special towers, called agents. Each tower has its own attack and special features, such as a large firing radius or the ability to destroy special types of balloons.

After a player chooses a difficulty level and course to play, the player enters into a set-up phase. During this time, a player places the available towers on the map so that the towers pop the balloons that pass near them. The player must have available funds to purchase towers. Once a player places all towers, the player starts the map and watches the balloons pass through the track. Once all the balloons finish, the player moves on to the next track with any remaining health.

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