How Do You Play "Bloons Tower Defense 3"?

The main objective of "Bloons Tower Defense 3" is to prevent balloons, or "bloons," from reaching the end of a track by placing towers along the track that automatically pop nearby bloons. Popping bloons rewards the player with money that can be spent on extra towers or upgrades for existing towers. The player loses lives when a bloon reaches the exit point of the track. Once all lives are depleted, the game is over.

"Bloons Tower Defense 3" is the third game in the Bloons series created by Ninja Kiwi in 2007. "Bloons TD 3" is a browser-based game played in Adobe Flash Player. As of 2015, the Bloons series has expanded to mobile platforms including Android, iOS and the Nintendo DS.

The main objective of "Bloons TD 3" is to stop bloons from making their way all the way along a path. The player pops bloons after they enter by placing various types of traps or towers at any point along the track. Bloons enter and exit the track in waves, with each wave bringing stronger bloons in higher quantities. Money awarded for popping bloons and surviving waves can then be used for new towers and tower upgrades.

The game ends when all of the lives are depleted from bloons reaching the end of the track. In "Bloons TD 3," the player has between 50 and 100 lives depending on the difficulty level. One-time traps can be placed to blow up a large quantity of bloons before they reach the exit.