How Do You Play "Block Story," the Game?


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Play "Block Story" by using the W, A, S and D keys to move the character throughout the three-dimensional world and the mouse to interact with different elements, either mining for resources or attacking enemies. As you explore the world, you level up your character.

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"Block Story" shares many similarities with the game "Minecraft," which established the concept of exploring a three-dimensional world full of boxy pixel graphics in an attempt to gather resources and survive. "Block Story" allows a player to create a unique world, complete with its own name, and explore that world at her convenience.

Keyboard controls allow the player to move throughout the world, with the space bar allowing her to jump. Moving the mouse controls the camera and thus the direction in which the player moves. Clicking with the mouse either attacks a nearby enemy or destroys a piece of the environment, allowing the player to collect its resources.

One major aspect of "Block Story" is using the resources to build other items, as is the case with "Minecraft." The player can use different elements to make new tools and weapons, with some elements only available in certain areas. The game also allows the player to arrange the blocks in the world to create new constructions and structures.

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